sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011


Water, ice, vapour, freezing, sublimation, condensation, melting, evaporation...
One substance, many different phases...
Phase transitions arent for free, H2O must pay for this, sometimes gains heat, sometimes loses heat, but always must pay.
Phase transitions arent caused by H2O desires, they ocurr because of changes in temperature, pressure, density... but always external to H2O, so... this must be too hard to stand.
H2O suffers changes constantly, moreover without his consent.

domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011


How do you think the oceans fill in? Will they be filled in forever? I dont know if someone hace thought about it...
Water flows, water falls... Rivers flow to the ocean, they carry water; oceans, little by little, recieve this water but he never seems to be aware of this; but the tireless rivers never stop.
Will the rivers ever stop flowing? Dont think so.
But will the ocean notice this fact? Dont think so. Ocean always thinks water will be there.
But Ocean, inside of His deepness, knows that if one day one single, special, warm, saltless River stops flowing, He will be able to remove all the universe upside down, to cahnge the bases, to give His salty water to this lucky River who will be the only one who have this Special Fluid.
Thats the story of the Ocean-River entanglement, this kind of union will never be erased, this Special Fluid is Their special Fluid, and although the chosen one River knows that the water that fills the Ocean in came from many different ways, Their Special Fluid always flows form one to another and returns in a entangled dance that no other thing in the vast upside down universe could understand or share with.